Thinking of having a Play List?

Bad experiences for some people, I’m sure, prompts them to want a greater input to their own function. However, whilst a ‘play list’ gives a useful guide to the clients’ music tastes, playing it in its entirety is just not realistic. An experienced DJ is trying to please most of the people, most of the time, with the main game plan being to keep as many people dancing for as long as possible. He will do this by varying the music according to the response of the dancers – this is a dynamic system which simply has to have give and take. A set which contains some disco classics from the 80’s etc. may lead to something that’s NOT on the clients play list, but years of experience shows that it will extend the dancing experience at that time accordingly.

Also, we often find that a clients’ play list contains tracks from university days, (or years ago) most of which unless pitched correctly are going to be complete ‘Floor Clearers’ – “Never underestimate the effort it can sometimes take to get a dance floor even half full !”

The bottom line…

We are only too pleased to accept requests on the night and client’s play lists – As a guide to the type of music the clients and hopefully their guests, may enjoy. It is not our policy to play the entire list without any consideration for how it will affect the function as a whole. Don’t let this put you off submitting one though – it still has its place !